Tuesday, October 16, 2012

K-01 Firmware V1.00 Vs V1.01 Round 2: w/ DA*300, DFA100WR and FA28-105


Via http://forum.pentaxfans.net/thread-131047-1-1.html (in Traditional Chinese)

AF tests with the new firmware is starting from 04:55 and before that is with fw version 1.00. It is once confirmed that the new firmware provides obviously better performance with faster AF speed. The improvement is particularly obvious with the longer (focal) lens, i.e., the DA*300 in this test.

Update: One more exact comparison with the DFA100WR also, by another Japanese K-01 user, before Vs after:-




K-01 AF Performance Firmware V1.00 Vs V1.01

K-01 AF Speed Tests with 16 Different K-mount Lenses

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