Saturday, October 27, 2012

News: E-PL5 Has No AA FIlter! (And Amazon Top Sales Charts Pentax Update)

See what 43 Rumors report:-

So, this is a camera with a 16MP Sony sensor without an AA filter in front of the sensor, resulting in a "higher image quality" as people say.

This must be the cheapest AA-filterless body in the market then. Similar to the K-5IIs, it is in 16MP and uses a Sony sensor.

Speaking of the Amazon sales charts that 43 Rumors have pointed us to, we can see that in the ILDC chart, the best Pentax result is at #40 for the Black Q dual lenses kit. The other Pentax offers that stay in the chart are #71 for the Yellow K-01 with the DA40XS and then the Black K-01 with the DA40XS at #100, as being the last one that stays in the chart, just! :-o

As for the DSLR chart, the best Pentax result is K-5 body-only offer at #41, followed by the K-30 with DAL18-55 (non-WR) kit at #43, and then at #61 for the K-30 with DA18-135 WR kit. The more surprising thing is we can see the K1000 Pentax film body with the 50mm F2 lens is on the chart at #62 (and jump the boat?)! It seems that a lot of the old Pentax users are selling their old Pentax classic gear like this! >:-( Btw, the last Pentax thing that we can see in the chart is the White K-30 with DAL18-55 kit at #86.

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