Sunday, October 07, 2012

The "Pentax Ricoh" Online Survey

Thanks to Blog reader "flomatix" for his email alert, I have noticed this:-

Which is supposed to be an online survey created and conducted by Pentax Ricoh, although it is not clearly stated anywhere in the survey, except the PR logo.

I have participated in the survey anyway and you are encouraged to do so as well. But since the identity of the survey creator cannot be verified, I suggest not to put in too much personal information especially those sensitive ones at the end of the survey as such. Also, I think they focused too much about "making money" with the Pentax gear, which I bet most of we Pentax users are just amateurs whom take photos as hobby and buy gear solely for hobby and so their thinking had been in the wrong direction right from the beginning! :-(

Btw, I conducted a brief poll around the Photokina which in principle was asking something similar to some of their questions, but in a more concise and direct way, of course. You can still make your vote in the following poll of mine if not yet:-

That's All What Pentax has Shown us at Photokina! What Will You Do Next?

And also you can view the results by yourself as there are already more than 700 votes received up till now.

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