Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A K-5 Vs K-5IIs Head-to-head Measurebation

Test shots were made with the same FA31 Limited lens under the same lighting and test condition from f/1.8 to f/11 with an addition test shot at f/5.6 with the "extra sharpness" setting:-

K-5: (in Japanese)

K-5IIs: (in Japanese)

In particular, the following is the side-by-side f/5.6 pair of the comparison shots:-

(Above: Left: K-5 100% Crop at f/5.6; Right: K-5IIs 100% Crop at f/5.6; Normal Sharpness; Lens Used: FA 31mm F1.8 Limited - Click to Enlarge.)

Btw, with the removal of the integral AA+IR filter of the original K-5, the K-5IIs seems to produce colder picture than the K-5, with a purple tint and tendency.

In fact, the amounts of details of the two cameras are close enough, whilst the K-5IIs pics look a bit "sharper" and "harder" on edges. The fortunate thing is that the focusing accuracy of both cameras is good enough. The K-5 pictures are yet a bit brighter, though, despite that a +1EV exposure compensation was applied for both cameras. Last but not least, the micro-contrast of the K-5 shots seems to be somehow better.

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