Thursday, January 10, 2008

Samsung GX-20 Information Leaked

Yesterday, the GX-20 has been surfaced in the Internet with its information leaked at two Norwegian websites where brief specifications of the new body with a photo of it have been published:-

However, at the time when I am writing this blog article, all the above once published GX-20 information have already been removed, at both sites. Still, you can have a look on the appearance of the GX-20 at the PentaxLife Blog as follows:-

Well, since these have been removed so fast, this makes me believe more that these are really true information which have been leaked.

So, what are new then?

- 14.6MP CMOS Sensor (APS-C? Very likely, I bet);
- ISO Sensitivity up to 3200;
- Double Dust Removal System (Useless sensor shaking and What New Measure? By Software?);
- 2.7" LCD Monitor (No resolution is mentioned, so most likely to be typical low resolution one, probably something around 210,000 to 230,000 in QVGA quality);
- LiveView Function.

As for old features, it keeps the weather sealing and the SR (Shake Reduction) system (and of course).

So, this body is actually not much stronger than the GX-10 / K10D which it replaces by judging from the above features listed. In contrast, the really high (highest ever actually) pixel count, which is nearly 50% more than the K10D, packed in a small APS-C (very possibly) sized sensor is something that really worrisome for higher ISO noise performance. Nonetheless, since the highest ISO speed which is now available is ISO 3200, it is still possible that the noise control of the GX-20 / K20D has been vastly improved, or it is just that the user will yet get either very noisy pictures there or with cleaner pictures at the expense of losing image details after noise reduction is applied. Otherwise, if the latter cases won't happen, then Pentax/Samsung have created a miracle which is ground breaking when they can overcome the technology barrier or even breaking the law of Physics for being the first one who could do that! Just imagine!

As for the 2.7" LCD, my wishful thinking is that it is a swivel and twistable one, otherwise, with the size of the GX-10 / K10D (assuming that the GX-20 / K20D is similar in size), there should be sufficient room at the camera back to accommodate a 3" LCD which can be a VGA resolution one then, which is much better indeed. Despite that now on the market all VGA resolution LCD monitors of DSLRs are of 3", I still imagine (again) this 2.7" LCD is a VGA one, although it is unlikely. :-)


wax said...

There is no doubt that Pentax will break the law of Physics! :D

Anonymous said...

The most logical way to get to is to use the standard 12mp sensors ---a density that everyone else is using---and use the APC-H size. that way you use the same technology and pixel density of the 12's--just make the sensor a little larger.

just a guy. said...

quote from "somewhere" ;)
The pixels are actually the same size as the pixels on the Sony 12MP sensor that is in the Sony A700 and the Nikon D300! Now you’re all thinking that I’m nuts because there is no way Pentax has this sensor technology because nobody else has it. Sorry guys they do have this technology because they patented it and Samsung built it. We now have a high resolving sensor with high sensitivity! Somewhere a rep told me that each pixel has a base ISO1600 sensitivity, but this could be different or an interpretation.

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