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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Samsung Hints at a Full Frame DSLR Sensor

Just seen this piece of news at the Amateur Photographer's website, for Samsung hints at a full-frame sensor for a professional DSLR camera in Pentax mount:-


I think the more exciting thing we can learn from the article should be the following quote:-

"Although there is no indication yet as to when it might arrive, it seems now that photographers can look forward to a professional full-frame DSLR with a Pentax lens mount at some point in the future."

Since it is said that the full-frame sensor project is still now at the early stage of the design phase, I think for all those existing Pentax users who are eager to see and dream for a Pentax FF DSLR soonest, they shall still have to wait for a longer time. There is *hope*, though, if this rumour is really true.

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