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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Who were Telling the Truth?

In April, it was reported that a Samsung high-ranking official disclosed that they were "actively pursuing development of a full-frame CMOS sensor. But now just about six month later, yet another more senior official of Samsung played down "rumours" that Samsung was developing a full-frame sensor in another interview. So, after all, who was telling the truth in this case?

"Coincidently", same thing happened at the Pentax side. In June, the Pentax China Head disclosed that a full-frame Pentax DSLR is under planning. But then just in September (3 months later), an even higher ranked Pentax official said that they had no plan for a full frame DSLR, at Photokina! Yet again, who was telling the truth?

Do you think that the policy, project plans etc. could be changed so quickly and drastically within a company (or just an organisation, anyway)? It is very unlikely, frankly. So, who were telling the truth, then? Well, my guess is that it can be either two or all four! If two, either the former Pentax and Samsung officials or the latter two were telling the truth. But, why it can be all four??

Well, if no one was actually lying (who dared? why needed?) then it could be very likely that someone were intentionally playing with the words so that the full-frame bubble was burst *in the meantime* just because *in the meantime* Pentax and Samsung are just unable to deliver such a full-frame body and DSLR system. Remember what Nikon were telling the world just less than two years right before the sudden arrival of the full-frame D3? Still remember? It seems that history could be re-happening and if we look back in what Nikon said and what Samsung/Pentax have now told us, anything sound so similar and too familiar? (Of course I have my own wishful thinking and imagination here so that some people should just choose to "ignore" me! ;-))


  1. Your Blog is not telling the truth! In fact you are not telling the truth. If a company changes direction by looking at a full frame sensor, then deciding to not actually follow through is not a lie. This would be a major investment of which you have no understanding or comprehension.

    I sometimes wonder why I even respond to bloggers that have NO INSIDE INFORMATION, base their opinions on rumours and have no credibility. Sure glad you ae not a Canon user blogging my favorite sites as your attempt to educate people is lost in your lies.

  2. "rumours"? Have you read and could you read? I must ask..

  3. These comments are a little harsh, given that you've often provided useful and accurate information about Hoya/Pentax in the past. But, I would suggest that if you look at the company's stated plans, the chances of a full frame sensor camera seems pretty remote. Especially given the disappointing sales of the k20d (not to mention the GX-20!) and the general retrenchment given the state of the world economy just now.

    Don't let the haters bring you down. I read your blog all the time.

  4. Look at where Pentax is going with lenses. That's all you need to know - not some half baked rumours on blogs.