Monday, November 24, 2008

What type of Camera are you?

Come across this quiz today which is really a fun to take: What type of Camera are you?

After answering all the questions, the following result returned for me!

"Nikon. You're a Nikonian and a true Professional. Forever the perfectionist who always wants the most from the equipment. You see the world in tiny details and a day job as "pixel peeper" would probably be a dream come true."!

Its so accurate and it describes me perfectly! ;-) Except I am by no means a Nikonian, and have never been. Actually and strangely, I have never owned any Nikon equipment. I have had Canon, Pentax, Ricoh, Olympus, Minolta, Sony, Fuji, Casio, Samsung photo gear and so on but have never bought even a piece of stuff made by Nikon!

Well, maybe for the Question 6, I had to enter the brand "Nikon" since I have already had both a Pentax and a Canon DSLR system, so I have no other choice actually!

Do the test yourself and have fun!


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

good thing you never bought Nikon and posted in their forums. They would probably fillet you like a bluefin tuna.... ')

Anonymous said...

Hello, RiceHigh:
A bit late, but the "What type of Camera are you" test is fun. Certainly, they make it easy (for themselves) to guess, for they list three types of camera, of which, by picking one, you make a shot 50% right for them.
However, I - being a user of analogue, and recently digital, Pentax stuff (only) - turned out to be an "enthusiastic Pentaxian". And what is even more interesting - is the correct description of my persona (they warn you it is a "personality test"). Having read your "Nikonian" personality, I marvelled at how accurate it describes you, based on what I can gather from your posts.
It's dangerous, those personality tests.
Keep posting. M.

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