Thursday, November 17, 2016

Image Sync Version 1.1.2 is Up

It seems that Ricoh is reading my Blog, now there is a new version of the Image Sync, which can be updated at the Google Play, for Android only. The official website has not yet been updated, though. (Edit: The official website has just been updated and it indicates that the update is only available for Android only.)

Newly added feature on version 1.1.2
・Android 6.0.1 support
・Connection performance improved.

1.View and Copy Images
You can view images taken with your camera and copy them to your mobile device.
You can also upload them to SNS sites.

2.Remote Shooting
You can monitor the live view image on your mobile device. Various camera operations including EV compensation and shutter release are possible from a mobile device.

I will try and see if it improves.

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