Saturday, January 06, 2007

Pentax Comes in the 3rd Place in Japanese Home Market Sales

Here is a latest Japanese report on the detailed sales figures and volume of DSLRs at the Japanese home market:-

(To translate Japanese into English, you can use Babel Fish)

It can be seen in the first table that Pentax are doing quite well with their K10D, for the number of units sold so far, whereas the K100D is yet ranked at no. 9, within the Top 10 also.

And then the second table shows that Pentax has already caught up in the game and being slightly ahead of Sony, in terms of the total DSLR sales in December 06, and now they are at the 3rd place ( or the 2nd runner up if you prefer even a smaller number :-) ). Surprisingly, Nikon has already beaten Canon marginally with their numerous models of D40, D80, D200 and D50 (ordered in the accumulated number of units sold). Still, the Canon 400D (XTi) is still the King of the current DSLRs.

Congrats, Pentax, please keep it up!

Nonetheless, I do believe that if Pentax could have re-solved most of the commonly reported significant problems by their users (which I have summed up and will report in my this blog) and that they did react positively about the user feedbacks on all those annoying things, undoubtedly they could have done even (much) better!

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