Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Screen Captures of the Secret Mode of the K100D

Since the secret menu (or called the servicing or engineering menu if you like) of the K10D got exposed recently, the (two) methods for acessing the secret menus of all Pentax DSLRs, namely, for the K10D and all others (some people who have the *ist D lately confirmed that the second method works for their *ist D), have been widely spreaded over the net quickly in just a few days.

I have already successfully accessed the menu by putting my K100D into the servicing mode by following the method described for the K100D and *ist Dx cameras. I would like to share all those screen captures for the menu items and screen pages which I dared to get into, one by one, in the below. Well, I bet the captures should be of great interest for many Pentax DSLR users, especially for those who dare not or need not to try but still tempted to see what will happen and what are inside ;-) So, here they are and happy viewing!

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