Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Pentax Re-Considers to Accept Takeover by Hoya

Pentax is now re-considering to accept the takeover bid offer by Hoya and probably Pentax will still be merged by Hoya. Two Japanese online news sources tell the same thing on yesterday and today, respectively:-

Kyodo News:

The Daily Yomiuri:

The good thing is that Pentax seems to be able to fight for maybe better terms for the merger for the time being, for what they have been trying to struggle (to get away) in the past months, including the recent announment/reporting of their annual business results, which looks somehow promising.

Okay, let's look at the complete second last paragraph of the Yomiuri report, which is quoted as below:-

"As a condition of accepting the takeover, Pentax is demanding a guarantee of management independence and the removal from the board of directors of former senior managing director Katsuo Mori and former president Fumio Urano, who had spearheaded the merger talks with Hoya." - Daily Yomiuri Online, May 16, 2007.

Well, the first guarantee is a good promise if true (however which can still be breached by the True Authority in the future anyway, if They like). The second thing being demanded for is really interesting and mysterious, i.e., the request of the removal of Urano and Mori. Why they must get rid of Urano and Mori? Why they can't stay even the merger has come true? There must be some insider stories that we don't know and probably shall never know..

While just the day before, on May 14, another news report discloses that a managing director of Pentax tells that there likely will be a "White Knight" who will save the company in time finally and does the salvation. Now it looks rather ironically that the "White Knight" is actually Hoya! Is that real? Time will tell and we shall know.

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