Thursday, May 10, 2007

Pentax to Sell Tokyo HQs, Quit MF and P&S Businesses

Latest headline news of today from Japanese Nikkei Net discloses that "Pentax to Sell Tokyo HQ, Quit Low-Profit Ops to Lift Corp Value" (article in English, subscriber login required to read in full).

Here is a DPR forum thread which quotes some of the key texts of the news article, in addition to the headline preview in the Nikkei Net homepage today:-

So, now the 645D has virtually been abandoned already as it is mentioned specifically about that the MF (Medium Format) business is one of the low profit operations of the corporation. For what it is also stated about Pentax will concentrate only in the DSLR market, it simply hints that the P&S (Point and Shoot) business will also be abandoned altogether very soon in the future.

Well, to sell real estate is a quick way to cash back money to raise the company's value "instantaneously" and to increase significantly the liquidity too. It seems that the current Pentax management has a firm determination to draw more power by all means for the fight faced straight ahead, or, at least they will have more bargaining power. However, actually it is rather risky if the business still fails somedays later even when after the company has sold its property already - it's just like a gambler to fully mortgage or even sell his house and goes to the casino to gamble, i.e., he'll either just win something or get a total loss!

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