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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Un-substantiated Rumours on Upmarket Pentax DSLR

Recently, there have been various rumours and speculations about a new upmarket Pentax DSLR that will come or at least be announced very soon. So, I have started to look at some of the sources to these rumours.

The sources are mainly coming from Chinese websites. Here is one of them:-


(Blog page in Traditional Chinese, Use BabelFish to translate if needed)

As we can see all the speculations are starting from a Pentax applied patent of a new LiveView device, which is, to put it simple, is just an overlaid LCD with an EL backlight on the focusing screen, so that the user can view the LiveView image through the optical viewfinder. This page of the patent document mentions this clearly (Component items numbered 25, 26 and 27 refer). Besides this concept, which is the only thing presented, I actually cannot see any of the new feature of the LiveView function of Pentax, of which it is only mentioned about it will use the imager (CCD or not) to pick up the LiveView image.

While people have been imagining more and more about a new higher class Pentax DSLR model above the K10D further and further by looking at this patent document and imagined about the "new powerful features", I can see nothing at all after reading through the whole document. Anyway, if you can *really* see something, please let us know! :-)

Besides those Chinese websites (mainly from the mainland China) talk about new model names of K20D, K150D and K200D etc. which IMHO are most probably pure un-substantiated speculations (which I think I shall not quote them anymore, as they are numerous and quite some people have already quoted these, e.g., at DPR Pentax forum and etc.), the most funny one must be this one, which actually just makes me LOL :-D !


(Page in Simplified Chinese, again, use BabelFish if needed)

If you read on the article, could you know actually which "super model" of this "upcoming" Pentax DSLR is? . . Ummm, it's just an *ist D! Since I have owned and used the model so much and for so long, I know it for the first glance! If you still want to compare, download this.

The DSLR diagrams used in the new LiveView patent application are just all from the *ist D. So, now the case is very simple, there is no super model of any kind as imagined by quite some people.

Besides, for people who just see a new patent applied and then associate this to a new model, such kind of speculations is again something cannot be substantiated. In fact, I can't see there is any relation between the two. Just for example, Pentax had filed a patent for dust removal system by air-suction principle long ago, have we seen any Pentax product has this? (For more details, read my previous Blog entry: A Shootout between Dust Removal Systems)

To me, I don't need any new and further bells and whistles for the upcoming Pentax DSLR(s), what I truly want to see is that Pentax to catch up in the game with an acceptable and improved metering & exposure system (the one used in the K cameras is inaccurate, unreliable and outdated), an intelligent image processor (which should handle tone curve, brightness and contrast etc. better) and an accurate and responsive AF system (at least not to be affected by tungsten light and not to hunt so much in low light! And, continuous AF tracking ability of the K cameras is pathetic), which they are still far lagging behind and the K cameras are by no means anything good to acceptable comparatively, say, when compared to a true up-market DSLR body like the Canon EOS 5D which is undoubtedly far superior in every aspect I have mentioned. Since I have owned the 5D for more than two weeks now and have already shot hundreds of photos under various different conditions, including adverse ones, I can see the obvious *huge* differences in all these important true performance aspects of a DSLR, very clearly and without any doubt.


  1. hm… maybe you should start to compare the K10d with a cam of the same range price… as the Canon 400d or maybe the 30d… ?

    i don't see the point of this comparison

  2. Okay, just to put it in another way as you've suggested: What is the Pentax equivalent DSLR model to be compared with the Canon 5D? (Everyone knows the answer: There is None!)

    Well, the key point I wish to make is: I want to see a true upmarket Pentax DSLR which can *really* perform!

    Nonetheless, sometimes price level and camera accuracy is not something absolutely determinated. An example is that my MZ-30 (and MZ-S as well) meters more brilliantly and accurately than any of my *ist Dx and K cameras, for its multi-segment metering. Whilst I really don't know what have being happened with Pentax for stepping backwards in camera performance and accuracy for *all* of their DSLRs since 2003, I think it has been already enough said for the truly unfortunate case.

  3. Do note that the MZ-30 was sold for (US)$180, whilst the *ist D was for $1700 and the K10D was for $900 when first marketed.

    At nearly 1/5th of the price of the K10D for the MZ-30, except for the difference of a Digital SLR versus a film one, I can't see why the K10D perform so inferiorly to the ancient technology MZ cameras - I had tried to meter with the MZ cameras with the same lenses and dial back the Avs and Tvs back to the Pentax DSLRs, then I could consistently get better results.

    So, here comes the obvious key problem. That is, if Pentax really wants to compete, they should think why their DSLRs can't perform and they should work back again to build "better" DSLRs with "better" basic performances (AE and AF accuracy, etc.).

  4. so i guess THEY are wrong :

    and the camera in in fact, horrible :)

  5. I don't know *how* exactly THEY made their choices. But I bet their criteria are probably more on all those bells and whistles, as shown on the paper, rather than on the true quality, performance and accuracy (differences) between cameras.

    Yes, we all know that the K10D is a "feature-rich" DSLR, no doubt here. But actually, it is a DSLR with a wonky metering and exposure system and tends to underexpose often (true case reported by an *end-user* here), a sluggish, irresponsive and inaccurate AF system (a recently reported case by another *end-user* here, a dust removal system which never works (actually it is the least "effective" one ever made by any camera makers, which is just totally useless), a "totally dust and water sealed" body which could have many dust inside the LCD (just like my *ist DS units did), and so on..

  6. Anonymous25/6/07 19:54

    I think you wrote a very thorough testemony of your opinion of the K10D. I do have to say you missed one fact though. That is that the onboard flash of the K10D is far superior to that of the 5D.

    In my personal test the 5d has the worst onboard flashess I've ever seen. Not only does fail to work indoors but as a fill flash outdoors it also is totaly useless.

    In this area the much cheaper K10D realy shines.


  7. As you know, the 5D has no built-in flash, nor a dust removal system, so there is nothing to compare here.

    But, what's the use of something, even it is there, when the thing is actually inaccurate/ineffective or even useless?

  8. its always interesting to read user experience but can you point serious test (web or print) of the k10d that agree with you or your alone with this (as i think) ?

  9. I am happy owner of K100D camera. I used this camera for about 6 month now and I feel like bying aditional camera, ofcourse it will be Pentax, but I doubt that it will be K10D. I realy looking for camera with better (faster, precise) autofocus system.

    So for now I have whait for some oficial anoncment about new DSLR from Pentax.

  10. Anonymous26/6/07 22:57

    If you look at the whole thread you linked to here: http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/read.asp?forum=1036&message=21120491

    ... you'll see the "underexposure issue" was actually just user error.

    Have a nice day.

  11. Why there are just so many "user error" cases for Pentax DSLRs (but not other brands)? Can we explain why? :-)

  12. Anonymous28/6/07 02:59

    You obviously have not googled "Canon underexposure" or "Nikon underexposure."

  13. I took your advice but have also googled "Pentax Underexposure" and found that all those users who have reported the problems were just making mistakes by themselves and the culprit is all just about user errors afterall!

  14. Anonymous4/8/07 11:56

    What a useless blog. You have no clue what you are talking about. Please do not buy a Canon and destroy my favorite brand with your lies and misinformation. (For your information, my 350D overexposes and my new 400D underexposes, so you are WRONG!)

  15. So, which is your "favourite brand" actually? Canon or Pentax? And, how am I going to destory your "favourite brand"? Also, can I?

  16. Anonymous5/12/07 02:35

    dude, you're giving us Canon users a bad name! Why don't you stop your blog and just do some photography. Pentax makes a good product, all DSLR makers have a good product for that matter. But it's blogs like this that make you, and all of us other Canon fans look stupid, a lot of folks are under the impression that we are all just a bunch of gearheads who like to talk about our stuff more than use it. Truth be told, if I was doing it all again I'd probably buy a Pentax instead of my 30D, and I'll certainly wait for the new Pentax before I purchase a 40D since the K10D seemed the better camera.

  17. Huh? How come a "Canon User" like YOU bothered to visit a Pentax Blog and claimed that a Pentax DSLR is superior to "his" 30D and even the latest 40D? Why? Really funny! You just make me laugh!

    Also, how come you know about that? Note that you told us that you are a "Canon User", not a *Pentax user*.

  18. Anonymous6/12/07 07:11

    Well, I'm in a similar position to you only in reverse. I'm tired of Canon's bland lack of imagination and innovation. It's not that they make a bad product, just a very boring one. I'm very impressed with what Pentax has done with the K10D, there are a lot of very happy owners out there and that says a lot for the product. My impressions have been positive, and I know a lot of other longtime Canon shooters who are in the same boat as me.

    The fact that you feel the need to start a blog with the sole purpose of trashing a consumer electronics product is sad to say the least, I pity you. I hope others know enough to not take you and this trash heap of a blog seriously.

  19. Let this dumbass be who he is.. he just converted from Pentax to Canon or something. Let him love his precious Canon 5D which is not even a pro level but amature to mid pro camera. Let him love his piece of shit. who the fuck cares what this asshole thinks? all the cameras are about the same, the only difference is that "who uses it." Obviously this dumbass doesn't know shit.

  20. Wow, RH, nobody loves you!

    Oh, and there are 2 new bodies, they will be announced in January and they will blow you away.

    One thing you forgot about is that I always know more than you do about Pentax or cameras in general. You'd really know more about them as soon as you stop shooting test charts and actually hone the art. Remember, a camera is a tool, not a toy.

    Heck, even a Holga is a great camera in the hands of someone who know how to use it and thats the point of the K10D, yet you constantly go on and on about making it look bad. You only make yourself look bad and more ignorant.

    ig·no·rant /ˈɪgnərənt/ Pronunciation Key - Show Spelled Pronunciation[ig-ner-uhnt] Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation
    1. lacking in knowledge or training; unlearned: an ignorant man.
    2. lacking knowledge or information as to a particular subject or fact: ignorant of quantum physics.
    3. uninformed; unaware.
    4. due to or showing lack of knowledge or training: an ignorant statement.

    Until you are trained in the art of photography you can not make bold statements like you do. Stick to playing with your toys and keep to yourself.