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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Tiny Cracks or Chips on K10D Bodies

Here is a recent report about the issue, which is clear and self-explanatory and also with photos attached, which show the chips and the cracks found on the surfaces of various different K10D bodies:-


By following down the thread, more users replied that they could find the same problem in their K10D bodies and some of them have posted more photos of the cracks or chips found in their cameras.

As for the mentioned original posts at several German forums which first revealed the problem, the direct links are as follows:-




It seems that there exists a manufacturing or design problem for a common defect that can be found in quite some K10D bodies. Although the broken chips or cracks are tiny and small in areas, this is still somehow worrisome for having a defect like this, especially considering that the K10D is a water-sealed and weather-proof body as marketed and sold.

Since there have been various posters said that they would approach Pentax for servicing as their cameras are still under warranty, let's wait and see how Pentax will respond and what will they do. But possibly their reaction will again be typical and in the same old way as summarised and commented by this Pentax K10D user in his this post on another topic (which is very well said indeed):-



  1. Anonymous16/7/07 21:32

    Ricehigh - you have a wonderfully negative blog going on here. I hope Canon is paying you well - how else could you afford to devote this much time to such nonsense?

  2. The utter nonsense is that you even can't figure out who paid who! I paid Pentax and Canon for the gear I own and I believe that you paid Pentax. I would never imagine that you were instead paid by Pentax, even though you have shown your utter stupidity and blind brand loyalty.

  3. Anonymous18/7/07 13:49

    Ahahahh, you guys always make me laugh with your arguments :-)

    Ah well, I am one of the unlucky ones to report a crack, I had no idea my K10D was cracked until I took a look at it last night... I would say it's a manufacturing floor, no doubt, as I have always my camera carefully.

    Now I don't what Pentax's position will be with warranty work...

  4. Anonymous26/8/07 10:53

    Ricehigh: You really believe there is absolutely nothing good about Pentax cameras? What is your real motivation? /s/ sinoyank