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Sunday, November 25, 2007

RiceHigh's Pentax Blog - One Year

One year ago, I created my this blog. Over these 365 days, there are over 60,000 distinct visiting sessions to my blog site, which is somehow quite to my surprise, although it might be just a small or neglectible figure when compared to true large photo sites on the net.

Also to my own surprise, I have already written 75 articles so far, which have been read by many people over the world. In fact, I have spent quite some valuable time of my life in preparing and writing those articles of mine, and for responding to comments as posted in my blog as well as to the emails which I have received in asking my advice and seeking my opinions.

In fact, owing to the super busy nature of my life (my family, my works, my friends, my hobbies and so on - no difference from many others), I once have thought about to abort. However, for all the encouragements I have received during this year, including for those in the "comments" section and those via private emails, surprisingly more numerous in number, I think I shall continue my works whenever it is possible for me and I have the time. I think (although not dare to make a promise or commitment here) I shall continue to give advice and replies to those who send me emails and ask me their questions.

Nevertheless, there are some hostile responses from time to time at my blog with some people got it very personal as you can see from the posts, maybe by some particular persons more than different ones. Whilst I just opted to keep ignoring most of those but not deleting even one of them, I hope in the future those people can grow up and be more human in the future so that more sensible and peaceful discussions can be made.

There is a Chinese idiom saying that "The Truth can be found out through the course of Debating". I do firmly believe in this wisdom as it should always be true. Of course, I do also believe that my site is actually really useful and helpful not only to existing Pentax users and potential Pentax buyers, but also to Pentax, as the manufacturer themselves, as well, whom they should do similar tasks as I do, but in more systematic ways and should be more extensively.

Finally, now that it has been widely rumoured that the K10D and the K100D/Super will be replaced very soon as new replacement models will come / be announced in fall January 2008 next year. Let's wait and see what will happen and see if real improvements will come and how well Pentax/Hoya will do the job in getting rid of those various commonly reported problems and design weaknesses of their existing K cameras. So, my last words here are: Good Luck to Pentax and Good Luck to all of us, we Pentaxians!


  1. Hi!
    Congratulations! One year behind, hope more to come. :)

    I like reading your articles, sometimes you seem little to harsh about Pentax, but all in all you give me very clear insight what is Pentax weak spots.

    Thanks for you work! :)

  2. Still an idiot, no cure!!!

  3. Thanks, Ilmars. BTW, I hope I do not need to be "harsh about Pentax" anymore in the near future if they can improve and do it better! See you~

  4. Hi,

    Reality is sometimes hard to deal with, but your contribution to Pentax SLR users is really important.

    I only hope Pentax officials take care of your propositions.

  5. Congratulations! It's always hard to walk against a stream of fools, fanboys and superstitions. A normal person won't be offended by your usually well-balanced writings but idiots will. I think you're filling an important niche showcasing some shortcomings of Pentax products.

  6. Blowing your own horn (as in this article) is a sign of insecurity and really quite boorish.
    iliks....his writing is far from balanced and he refuses to see the "balancing factors" even when well presented and pushed into his face...
    as a PRIME example:
    Thom Hogan stated:I've yet to see a Nikon viewfinder perfectly aligned (try it
    > without gridlines using the bottom edge of the viewable area as the
    > "guide"; same problem). On one of my cameras it was so frustrating
    > that I finally just created a Photoshop Action and lived with the
    > reduced image size ;~(. The thing that's curious to me is that...
    > EVERY Nikon DSLR I've used has the problem in the same direction.
    > You'd think if it were really an alignment problem that some
    > viewfinders would slant left and some right. ".........
    Yet RH AS ALWAYS either ignores or minimizes ANY evidence contrary to HIS OPINION always assuming that the flaws (YES Dorothy there are flaws) are strictly Pentax
    . Balance my....a$s.
    I won't even begin to go into the GROSS errors in his "underexposure research" which, if you understand the theory makes him look like a fool of the n-th degree.
    Actually I would seriously miss seeing him make a complete fool of himself right in front of me...
    I would sorely miss that.

  7. To ilmars et. al.
    Anyone using this site as a prime reference deserves what they get.
    enough said....

  8. Who did say the site should be used as a primary reference? It's just one point of view.
    However, I for one find almost everything disscussed applicable to my K10D - leaning viewfinder, gross underexposure etc. Previously I used old Minolta manual focus cameras and they surely didn't have that problems despite being more than 20 years old...

  9. Yann and iliks, thank you both. I think I shall continue to keep my works up in the future! :-)

  10. iliks:
    Exposure is not as simple as one is lead to believe.
    an example of a complaint in the other direction:
    If one understands digital the K10D shot is considered properly exposed yet the highlights are blown more so than the DL. some of the responses consider the DL shot "underexposed" (let's leave contrast and WB out for the time being). There are over 7x as many blown pixels in the k10 shot as in the DL.
    In order to make this a short rant the point is digital capture is not film and there are a completely new set of parameters to deal with. Take your camera, find a nice monotone surface such as a white/grey wall. Shoot one photo and see where the histogram is peaking. On the k10 it should be at around 110 =/- 10 on the histogram (LEFT of dead center). If this is the case the meter is calibrated to the ANSI standard as told to me by Numerous experts in the field. Canon's produce a peak at 126 because they CHEAT on the iso rating in order to keep the meter calibrated but yet achieve that "correct exposure" look. IF you want primary references just ask but you can start here:
    Especially this one:
    So that leaves Canon with only the possibility of achieving their target
    value of Hu/Hsat by using a non-standard rating of ISO sensitivity—a
    rating that is about 0.74 that which would be determined under ISO
    12232. In other words, the sensitivity that is designated “ISO 100” by
    Canon would probably be rated at about ISO 135 under ISO 12232.
    As a film guy (I usually shot slides btw and find Pentax metering wonderful) you tell me what happens to your images if you took ASA200 film and dialed in 100 on the camera. hint, it would overexpose the images and if you did this w/ slide film, most likely you would have a whole bunch of bare areas.
    Oh and w/ the pentax, skip Matrix metering, it's a bit weak apparently.
    One thing that stopped me from buying a k10, "properly exposed" ie in my book overexposed shots had a really bad falloff at the high end.
    When k10 blows highlights it really blows them BADLY. That is what I see as a K10 weak spot but gets very few comments as compaired to "underexposure" and is much more detrimental than a bit of underexposure.

  11. Well to be fair, there is a current discussion at dpreview re: matrix metering. Maybe I underestimated it from my past experiences. I'm willing to admit I may have erred...

  12. hey 1 year is something to be proud of rice. to bad you are a freaking idiot. no offense intended of course. does this "balanced" comment sound vaguely familiar to you? gee i wonder why? you doofus (nothing personal of course). get a life you moronic hack (just trying to be helpful here by pointing out your obvious shortcomings, no need to take umbrage)

  13. http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/read.asp?forum=1032&message=23659186
    Read all......

  14. Mr RiceHigh, it seems that you may have stopped writing your Pentax blog. In the nine months that I have owned a Pentax DSLR I have learned much from your writings. I also support your quest to make Pentax into the best supplier. I am delighted with my K100D. It is important that every customer feels the same way. If we want Pentax to succeed, we need to feed back every error so that it can be corrected.
    Thank you for writing this blog, and please keep up the good work if you can.

  15. Thanks John! And yes, I'm just too busy these days. But anyway, I've updated my blog today!

  16. Sorry to heart that John. Oddly enough your post smells of some cheap self serving setup by RH....
    Apologies if not.....