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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Star Wars Stormtrooper K2000W LE ?

In order to fight with all the enemies in the contemporary vigorous DSLR wars, Pentax has just announced their latest secret weapon, the Star Wars Imperial Stormtrooper, model K2000W LE! (Official name!) Here is the photo of it:-

(Click the above to read the full official announcement!)

With this powerful fighting machine, I am sure that Pentax will finally win in the battle! But before the final victory arrives, I bet that:-

1. The Stormtrooper will get scratches everywhere (well, as it was born to fight ;->)

2. Fingerprints and grease appear everywhere on the body (umm, coz.. hehe.. you think yourself!)

3. iPod users with Classic iPods will accidentally pick this instead of their iPods when they go outside, especially when they are in a hurry!

4. Polar animals will like this Stormtrooper much and eventually they will buy one for each of them! (So, the market is HUGE overthere!)

That's great! Well done, Pentax/Hoya!! I am looking forward to see the foreseeable BIG marketing success of this latest Stormtrooper!!!

Keep it up, Pentax! Next time, please do us the Gundam Red Comet, so that we Pentax fans can see another powerful fighting weapon that will beat all others'!!

Hey, but wait! Have Pentax become Bandai or have we gone to the Toy 'R' Us after all?

Update (Dec. 18):

To make the K2000W LE a true military thing, someone over at the DCHome.net has made it for Pentax!

Here is yet the snapshot of that "new" product:-

And, for another model that is truly targeted for ladies and girls or even for children:-

Now, I have learnt the great wisdom of the super brilliant Pentax and Hoya marketing executives. They have made it White (Right) this time so that everyone can paint on this "new" K2000W LE model to suit their tastes, just like what model hobbyists are doing in painting their unfinished models and parts in whatever ways with whatever colours/patterns they like! Really wonderful!

Congrats to Pentax for having a big victory this time (and once again!)! They now can have much more models than what their competitors have and in the near future, they will be able to announce far more "new" products and will win miles ahead in the game (as least in number)! (That must be) Really Great!!


  1. An announcement of an SLR that is white really makes me sad for Pentax. This makes me wonder more than ever if Pentax is too small to compete effectively now that cameras have become electronic gadgets to at least the extent that they are optical machines. It seems odd that Pentax would spend money on something like this. I don't think this will work the same way that colored iMacs did a few years ago which was a trend that didn't last.
    I certainly wouldn't want a white camera. More than once I've been in situations were reflections of the equipment were a major problem.
    I've had Pentax for 25+ years. As long as my equipment works the way I need it to, I guess I'm in good shape. I do have to wonder if I should jump ship while I can still get a few dollars for my used Pentax equipment.

  2. Silly looking camera. And your comments also silly. Pentax knows what attracts lady's eyes. Money is the point, not fighting.

  3. Actualy I think it's great idea! Limited edition - so couple hundreds cameras in every region will be enought, but look at all the buzz. Every camera site is mentioning Pentax. So I think this white K2000 is great marketing activity.

  4. Please Rice for Christmas and new year's eve don't stay home alone this time and, most of all, take your pills. And if you have a friend, invite him to dinner or something. Your posts are starting to become really worrying again concerning your mental health... and quite pointless too.

  5. Hi RiceHigh,
    Merry Christmas!

    I have an idea, the K-M taken with AA batteries way, which is an error, if its weight is an important propaganda point.

    A friend intends to buy this 525g K-M (him has some Canon DSLR system), but him discovered the 160g of 4(Ni-Mh) batteries or weightier, and then him gave up his own idea.

    Per Li-ion batteries are 80g (7.4V 1600mAh), as well as better discharge performance.

    Nobody would be willing to use the alkaline battery in the camera, although each 25g of weight.


  6. Anonymous11/1/09 07:13

    All 3000 white cameras have been sold in preorder.....
    RH care to add that to your blog

  7. Anonymous28/2/09 23:24

    晚上好 Rice,

    看見這個圖片,它讓我想起你塗裝的K-m 其中的一個迷彩色,現在居然真有一個相機被搞成這樣!不過還好,那不是一個DSLR......:-)


  8. Really interesting, Peter :-D Thanks much for the link!

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