Thursday, February 12, 2009

FA 35 F2 Discontinued

B&H have marked the FA 35 F2 lens as discontinued in their website:-

As a verification to the update, I have checked the official Pentax Imaging website, it is also found that the FA 35 has been removed from the lens section:-

On the other hand, official Pentax Japanese website still lists the FA 35. But I bet it will not last longer, or it is just that the website has not yet been updated.

It is rather pity that this lens is discontinued, it is the indeed the best value lens in the current Pentax lens lineup with a very high price-performance ratio. It has very good optical quality but yet it is not expensive. Besides, I like much the favourable colour response of the lens and so do almost all Pentax FA lenses, in contrast to the unfavourable colour response of some of those DA/DFA "digital" Pentax lenses. The even strange thing is that when I use some of those "unfavourable" lenses on my 5D, the outcome looks (much) better again! (The body corrects the "errors"?)

While Nikon have just announced their latest 35/1.8 DX and the rationale why they have made it, Pentax, the one who have been emphasizing on an APS-C system, now discontinue a popular lens for their APS-C system. In fact, the FA35 is very practical and useful and just act like a 50mm standard lens on a 1.5X body (as Nikon have said this). Providing that Pentax have a better market share of the 1.5X bodies, the demand for this "standard" prime should be large. And, despite the FA 35 is priced similar to the upcoming new Nikkor DX 35, I am sure that the FA 35 is better built and at least it has the distance scale!

I bet the reasons for Pentax (have) to discontinue the FA 35 is not owing to that the FA 35/2 is not useful and not good on their APS-C bodies, but only that they have to choose to discontinue some of their lenses for many unfavourable factors/facts which they are thinking about, say: (lens) production factilities at Japan closed, shrinking of market share of their DSLR bodies (so market demand for their lenses must be shrinking too), "conflicts" with the DA 35/2.8 Macro (but really?) and so on..

With the discontinuation of the FA 35, this marks nearly an end to the Pentax excellent line of FA lenses. Now only the 3 FA Limited lenses are left in the Pentax's lineup, which probably are now made in the Pentax factory at Vietnam instead of anywhere at Japan, but how long will they last? (And, the new FA Limited could be different in Image Quality than the older/oldest ones, see this.)

Anyway, if you want to buy the FA 35/2, do hurry up! Grab one until stock lasts and get it anywhere you can find, e.g., Adorama still lists it (but you have to check if they really carries it, anyway). I did the same in 2004 when the FA 28 discontinued and got one from the last lots of stock.


Johann said...

Strange, i see here a good sign.

The are today:
- FA 31mm f1.8 at a *very* expensive price for very hight quality..
- FA 35mm f2 at correct price, but maybe not fast enought to be a 'standard' lense, (sigma has 30/f1.4, nikon has 35f1.8...), with an outdated style, not weather sealed...
- DA 35mm 2.8macro. a very good lens, but definitivly not fast enougth for standart lense.

And there are a 30mm SDM on the roadmap !!!
So, yes, i'm very happy. Hoya/Pentax clarify and fix this with a 30mm SDM f?? , the standart lens (eq 45mm), SDM and we can hope weather protect if not sealed.

PeterZheng said...

about Adobe LightRoom 2.3 (cs4)

here 4 pictures open to anyone as the use.


K-m (k2000)

PeterZheng said...

another picture open to anybody as the use:

Pentax's Photo laboratory is poor software (especially its interface poor, an image window is too small and a size cannot adjustable, as the RAW processing), as well as its more problems, so that Pentax’s consumers would be more needs third-party software than Canon or Nikon consumers.

Adobe LR2 (ACR4) is earthshaking software.
If Pentax does not effectively cooperate with third-party software, it could stimulate more consumers to flee from Pentax.

We have seen that new K-m did not a Camera Profile into the LR2 (camera RAW 5.2 or higher)or Photoshop CS4 (ACR4).

a future K30d, it should offer a better Camera Profile than K10d and not as the K-m status.

PeterZheng said...

DPR Pentax forum now are extremely abnormality, if anyone criticized Pentax, then immediately some Pentax gunman insult and malicious attack you.

The current Pentax forum already cannot has a honest reflection to the product, many false impression cover up the factual issues.

That is bad thing at Pentax, it is only a faster to Pentax death.

Dr. OCTTO said...

Hopefully, the reason it is discontinued so close to PMA: means there should be DA35/2 to be released!!

Anonymous said...

Well its a year and a half on and the lens is still listed on the japan website. In the uk its still available as well - the penatax version for £400 and the samsung version for £300.

Rice - do you think this lens really has been discontinued ? Or are pentax making short batches for the japanese market and a few importers in other countries . ?

Great website btw ....

regards zenit_b

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