Thursday, February 26, 2009

SDM Reliability Issue

I have seen yet again another Pentax user reported failure of the Supersonic Drive Motor (SDM) of his SDM lens:

(Text in Traditional Chinese, use Babelfish or Google Translate to translate if needed)

He said that he bought his lens in August last year and has used his lens only for 3 times!

In fact, the SDMs of the DA* 16-50 and the DA* 50-135 seem to be prone to fail. A quick search on major Pentax gear forums will reveal many reports on these, for example:-

For average Pentax users, the reason(s) for why these two lenses are having more failure reports are actually unknown. It maybe just that they are the first generation of the SDM lenses and the design was not yet mature. On the other hand, it could be that these two lens models have been sold more in number (since they are the oldest and thus the marketing period is longer). But one thing seems to be almost certain, that is, there exists some quality or design issues for the SDM used in these lenses so that the durability and reliabiity of this type of AF motor as used by Pentax are in question.


PeterZheng said...

Hello Rice,

I think that, someone Pentax 3K Klansman will again attack these users that they were " nonsense ", such as Zaldidun (not a real American, from the Basque area, the bomb region).

however, the consumer needs some camera and lens very well. the negative things should be given more exposure.

To cover up the negative things, which will never be a better on PENTAX, that is only a faster death to Pentax.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

what a load of clap trap. Total rubbish!!!

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