Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Interview with Hoya's Marketing Director of the Imaging Division

by the Japanese Impress DC Watch:-

(in Japanese, an English Web Translation Here)

Some key points:-

1. Hoya will continue to sell stylish products like the K-r and K-x and identifies themselves as a stylish camera maker to make them different. The launch of the interchangeable shell cover RS1000 and the retro-look products like the Optio I-10 (which is intended to be an "experimental" product to test the water) or even the classic-look K-7 are marketed under the same principle and with the same intention.

2. The 645D has been a success in the Japanese home market and they will try to expand the 645D market further with more (maybe different) marketing channels both locally and worldwide.

3. Hoya will study the market opportunities and look into the feasibility of "mirrorless" ILDCs with their limited resources. In the meantime, they will use low end entry level DSLRs like K-r and K-x to compete with those other mirrorlesses which are already in the marktet.

4. They are now not in bed with Samsung anymore and they will not use/join the NX by no means.

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