Friday, September 10, 2010

DA(L)35/2.4 Just a Re-packaged FA35/2!?

First, let's have a look at the optical formula of the "new" DA(L) 35/2.4 AL:-

Then here is the optical formula of the Old FA 35/2 AL:-

Next, here are the specifications and physical parameters of the two lenses:-

DAL 35/2.4 AL
FA 35/2 AL
Focal Length
Aperture Range
f/2.4 - f/22
f/2.0 - f/22
Optical Construction
6 Elements in 5 Groups, 1 Aspherical Element
6 Elements in 5 Groups, 1 Aspherical Element
Number of Aperture Blades
Minimum Focusing Distance and Magnification
0.3m(1ft) at 0.17X
0.3m(1ft) at 0.17X
Filter Thread Size
Physical Size (Diameter and Length)
63mm x 45mm
64mm x 45mm

Are they just looking almost *identical*?! :-o

Pentax/Hoya is just so clever to re-package the old lens and minimize its weight by removing everything that is considered heavy and "unnecessary" (including the focus/distance scale) and then build an all-plastic lens that is as easy to paint as those plastic toys! Really brilliant! My Thumb Up!! ;-D

Another good thing is that this new DA(L) lens is *possibly* 135 Full Frame compatible! And, as there is no lens hood bundled, there will be no compatibility issue for whether it is or will be used on an APS-C cropped DSLRs or on Full Frame ones (if any in the future).

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