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Thursday, June 09, 2011

Super Pentax Lens Arsenal w/ Sample Photos (Nice~)

A Pentaxian in Taiwan posted many photos of his Pentax lens collection c/w sample photos for each of his lenses:-

(in Traditional Chinese; Click the link of "觀看全文..." to enter page for respective lens, where you can find the sample photos..)

In the blog, you can see the Silver A50/1.2 Special, L43/1.9 Special, F50/1.4, F50/2.8 Macro, A*85/1.4, FA*24/2, FA*85/1.4, FA*200/2.8, FA*28-70/2.8, FA*80-200/2.8, DA*300/4, DA35/2.8 Macro, F100/2.8 Macro, DFA100/2.8 Macro, F1.7X, DA14/2.8, DA21/3.2, FA31/1.8 (Both Silver and Black), FA35/2, DA40/2.8, FA43/1.9, A50/1.2 (Regular), FA77/1.8 (Both Silver and Black), FA135/2.8, DA12-24/4, DA16-45/4, DA18-250/3.5-6.3, FA24-90/3.5-4.5 and FA28-105/4-5.6 and more..! What a "Wow"!! :-D

Brief history and background of each of the lenses he owns/ed is also talked about..

It is told that the author was only not satisfied with the DA50-200 and FA50/1.4 which he sold his lenses long time ago.

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