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Saturday, June 25, 2011

How to Make the Pentax Q Looks Better?

Some Pentaxians have been criticising that the Pentax Q looks so ugly since it was announced. What do you think? If you do think so, what makes the Q so ugly? :-o And, what should Pentax do/change? :-)

So, first look at the new Qs:-

And compare it to the last similar designed (for its appearance) Digital I-10:

IMO, without any doubt, the I-10 does look better, and so does the old Pentax Auto 110 which the I-10 emulates:-

So, what has been going wrong actually. Look at the following, do you actually find my design improves something, even it could not eliminate all the problems? Enjoy~! ;-D

(Below: Click to Enlarge)


The Pentax Q Announced!