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Wednesday, July 04, 2012

K-5 is Discontinued and K-01 Price is Dropped

Here is what is shown at the Japanese Yaotomi camera shop's K-5 page, it is described that the K-5 is discontinued and there is only limited stock of it.

However, it is checked that this is not told at the official Pentax Japan page.

On the other hand, the K-01 price has been dropped below 40,000 Japanese Yens (which is rougly equal to US$500).

So, what are all these about? Simple! That is K-5 has been phased out and the K-30 is replacing it, at least in the mean time. And, the K-01 has become the even lower end body than the already not so high end K-30. Btw, how is the PQ of the K-30 compared to the old K-5, here is yet the latest measurbation by the Yaotomi, also:-