Sunday, August 24, 2014

12 Colour Versions of the Pentax K-s1

Via: Digital Versus and Les Numeriques

My special thanks to Blog readers sazon3 and Mistral75 for the links and alerts.

Now, I like the outlook of the camera more, at least not hating it, call me emotional if you like! ;-D And also, at least now there is not a Ricoh logo on the body which is really disgusting as it is seen on the back of the K-3, I have to say! >:-(

As for the size of this new K-s, I think it is comparable to the previous smallest Pentax DSLR body ever, the Pentax *ist DL2, which I also have. But it will not be heavier, I believe. Modern camera bodies should become lighter and lighter, when quality and weight are both sucked out by the manufacturers at the same time! ;-P

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