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Thursday, April 19, 2012

RH-02 K-mount Mirrorless ;-)

Someone said that the RH-01 is not thin enough, so I've created the RH-02 as its replacement! ;-) (Have I acted quickly enough?)

Is it better this time? This is what a K-mount mirrorless should be, for a much slimmer, smaller and lighter body with a thin lens on it! Right? In fact, the overall thickness of the above is not much thicker than that of when the thinnest pancake lens of NEX is mounted. Just compare against the following:-

Since the K-01 is thick and without a flipping monitor, Pentax/Ricoh can now start to make the next thinner model as K-02, just like what I've done! Yes, for a new model! And also the next next model with a flipping mon as K-03 and then the next^3 model as K-04 for being equipped with an EVF also! Then that may come to the end of the line when it happens! ;-D Lol..


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