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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Just for Some Funs - HOTAX!

Further to the recent news of Hoya Swallows Pentax, it is revealed that there has been clue quite some times ago and a new camera manufacturing company named "Hotax" ( not "Hoax"! pls beware of the spelling! ;-D ) was found silently and secretly! ;-)

A quick glance at the company's profile will give you an idea how bright the future (and now actually) the HOTAX will be / is:-

"Hotax Manufacturing Company Ltd is a factory to produce various ranges of cameras and monthly capacity is 500,000 pcs. The operations are carried out in the owned factories in Shenzhen (of China)."

Well, the current production capacity and demand of the HOTAX cameras, of *just* for *one month*, is in the amount of 500,000 units, which is the double of the total number of Pentax DSLRs sold in (the late) *one year*, at only 250,000 units for one year! So, it can be regarded that the new company is far more successful than what Pentax have ever achieved and managed/been able to achieve!

Nonetheless, I *had* my very early foresight and grew together with HOTAX back to early last year in 2005, when I got one of the excellent HOTAX waterproof cameras to complement my PENTAX *ist D when I had a vacation trip to the Eastern Australia. Here are a few of the photos from the trip:-


Enjoy! LOL! =^o^=


  1. The photobucket link goes to a page that asks for a password. If there's a way to see the pictures, I can't figure-out what it is.

  2. Okay, it works now. You've got some nice photos there.

  3. Thank you and I'm glad that you like them.

  4. Anonymous4/1/07 13:11


    Alternatively, HOya and PEntax can form a strategic partnership that brings HOPE as well!


  5. Wow! Great post thanks for sharing.