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Friday, December 01, 2006

Updating of my Blog Editing Direction

Recently, I have started for a new poll at the PentaxForums, which I have newly joined, for collecting initial opinions and impressions about my this new Blog page of only a few days in age. I have allowed the entries of "Too negative", "Negative", "Neutral" and "Useful" for voting in the poll.

So far, the dominant voted entry is the "Too negative". In view of the opinions collected, I have decided that I shall include some more "positive" elements (actually, it should be even "more informative") into my Blogs so as to make a good balance within my Blog site.

In view of there are already excellent Pentax Blog pages such as PentaxLife.com and OK1000 which do report promptly the most updated Pentax gear related news from time to time, I think that I shall contribute for elements of a somehow different kind and in a somehow different way. You may notice now that my Blog page themes in the title of the Blog have just been updated. I have added also for the "Technical Articles on Pentax DSLR Bodies and Lenses", in addition to the original "News about User Feedback on Pentax Photo Gear, Potential Issues and Possible Areas for Improvements"

In short, for the new direction of my Blog editing, there will be two main elements. I shall first try to share and discuss the technical aspects on the topics related to Pentax DSLRs and the technologies used by Pentax. But yet, I shall still continue to try my best to report all the significant user feedbacks about issues they found with their new Pentax gear, mainly (but if there are also significant issues for the old stuff, I shall also report). For the latter, as you can see for my posted articles, I shall try to discuss some of the technical stuff behind in the light of trying to make an analysis on the possible reasons for such issues, so as to suggest some possible feasible solution(s) for those reported problems, and most importantly, to suggest for those areas which needed improvements by Pentax in the coming future products and firmware updates.

Okay, I shall publish the first of my first series of technical articles about the inside of the K10D shortly, of which the contents and information that will be shared are not yet widely known by most Pentaxians or other interested watchers. Just keep an eye on my page and watch out! I guarantee that you will not be disappointed or even be surprised! I have the confidence that you will find the published information interesting and useful and will not be regarded as "negative" (again) at all!

P.S. So far, I've found that the place of PentaxForums a very friendly one. The site owner did reply my first post in a very nice and friendly tone very shortly after I made my first post the day before as well as I found that the first replies from other members to my initial three posts are very friendly and I can feel that the people are *very nice* over there. In contrast to what I experienced when I made my first (very simple) post at the Steve's Forum earlier this year, one of the site moderators had "popped up" and sent me a private message which I did feel that had a sense of "warning" to me. (but I just wondered why he needed to tell me that and why he said so..)

At the PentaxForums, I note that there are quite some old Dpreview.com forum pals there, though, However, up to this moment, they have not yet "jumped" on me as they (usually) did in the past at Dpreview.com everytime when I made an opinions. So, a different place really makes a (big) difference!

What a nice place of the PentaxForums.com! At this moment, I would have no reservation of any kind and would highly recommend any existing Pentaxian friends or all potential Pentaxians to join the place for knowledge and discussions. Finally, do note that PentaxForums is basically a non-commercial site which makes me feel at least comfortable and safe to speak and to "contribute". See the following message quoted from the site owner on the front page of their site:-

"As you can see, our site has no ads, and we're not here to make money. PentaxForums.com has a single goal: to create the ultimate forum for Pentax users accross the world! Enjoy the site, and we're looking forward to seeing you around!" -