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Friday, September 18, 2009

Pentax Fanboys' Club! (New Blog)

Hey, (to) all Pentax fanboys who read here.. !

For years, I have been tired of hearing the repeated (same) argument of and urging me to write more or even solely positive things here about Pentax and gear at my this Blog. I just wonder whether you guys have read or not the themes of my this Blog which are clearly typed in the heading of the page or you just always failed to understand and remember those simple things! (but Why?) Well, I think you people should also read the site Disclaimer, which I had put it here for long, since my this Blog was built!

But I think I am a person who listen, even for different voices like those of yours. Here is the good news! I have set up a new place for all of you! A place where you can voice out your own opinions with "positive" energy overthere and air out all the angers to me regarding my own "negative" opinions in a more civilised way, still all about Pentax and gear!! ;=) Here it is! See:-


The Pentax Fanboys' Club is there! It is created! I allow 100 places for you to participate. IF you want to be one of the Authors, just create an Google Account of your own and then drop me an email, I shall add you to the list!

Dare to join?? ;-D It's time for you to "contribute" to "make the balance"! (lol..) I believe with 100 persons of you, you all can beat me easily as I have only one person myself! ;->

Finally, I copy and paste the first Club Rules below. If you agree, I will be waiting for you!

1. You have to write on-topically according to the themes as laid down in the headlines of this Blog (which might be updated from time to time);

2. You will bear ALL the responsibilities and liabilities personally yourself for what you write here!

3. I, as the site master and owner of this Blog, reserve all the rights to delete any materials which I consider to be inappropriate to appear in this Blog!

4. Be civilised. Don't write in offensive language and in particular no foul language or personal attack is allowed!

5. In case of any dispute that may arise, I reserve the final judgement and all the rights in settling all these in any means as deemed to be necessary and appropriate;

6. Rules of this Club are subject to change and update from time to time when it is considered to be necessary.

Well, see you~ !

P.S. - The term "Fanboy" does not necessary to have negative meaning. There are a lot of people who are fevered in their hobbies and love their brands (of anything they use) as "fanboys". See this example site (which is a very nice one, I think).

P.S.2 - IF you're just a normal reader who read here and you think that you are not one of the "fanboys", just ignore my this post. But of course, you are welcome to visit the new "Fanboys' Blog" so that you can read more on another "extreme" so as to receive/perceive the "Balance"! ;-D

P.S.3 - I shall add the new Club's link at the sidebar of my Blog as a hotlink that will always appear, in order to promote the Fanboys' Club and the Fanboyism! LOL..