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Friday, September 25, 2009

Practical Solution to the Issue of Few Colour Options of the K-x outside Japan

There are 100 colour options of the K-x and any Japanese user can order their preferred colour combination online.

Shortly some overseas Pentaxians have complained about it and here is a recent example petition.

So, what's the problem actually? I can't see it! There will be a white K-x on sales everywhere on this planet. Right? Just get the White K-x and then buy also some not-too-expensive Gundam markers that are widely available as you like and then DIY! Well, I think even an ordinary black version of the K-x can be easily painted! Or, just paint the K-7 directly!

Now, Pentax/Hoya have successfully started a new hobby for DSLR users, i.e., model painting! Thanks much to Pentax, we can now paint our DSLR bodies in any colours, any patterns or even any cartoon characters as we like. Really Great!

Btw, I like much the specific red colour of the Red Comet and also the colour combinations of these Gundams. Really NICE! (But I don't like the red colour of the Red K-x anyway, which this colour is just too sharp to my eyes and too "orange" actually)

Well, last but not least, I must confess.., one of the reasons for why I bought my Olive K-m was that I did also like the Zaku (MS-06) colour! This military green is really lovely! And fortunately, this military green is not one of the 20 K-x body colours as offered by Pentax in Japan. So, my Olive K-m still looks unique, unless you yet buy particular Gundam markers to paint the body, i.e., Zaku Green + Orange to cover the Silver Rim! ;-) (And, Hin Man's "Trashy Green" is by no means close to and as nice looking as my official K-m LE Green! =V=)

Update (9-27): Someone over DCHome.net has the same thinking as mine and he has drawn a Red Zaku K-x. It's really nice and funny. Just have a look!

Well, will Edward Mass buy one? ;-)