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Friday, March 26, 2010

PentaxForums.com is Building a New "CanikonForums"!?

I have just received this email newsletter today, from the Admin of the PentaxForums.com:-

"Today we are happy to announce the launch of a new forum to complement PentaxForums: www.CanikonForums.com.

CanikonForums.com is a photography discussion forum dedicated to users of Canon and Nikon photographic systems. We welcome users of either system and of all skill levels, from beginner through professional. The new forum will be run by the founder of PentaxForums, and will feature the same great usability!

Just like PentaxForums, CanikonForums.com has two goals:

* To provide our users with the ultimate discussion website for Canon and Nikon camera systems
* To create and build a friendly, helpful, and content-rich community

CanikonForums also features a 'Canon vs. Nikon' debate board, albeit with special rules, for the more wild members out there!

We hope those of you with Canon or Nikon systems enjoy our new site, and we look forward to your joining the community! Note that you will continue to be able to discuss other camera brands on PentaxForums (under the Off-Brand category) if you do not wish to join a separate site.

To register, visit this page: http://www.canikonforums.com/forums/register.php
IMPORTANT: If you are a current site supporter, you are entitled to one year of Site Supporter status over at CanikonForums for free. Please enter your PentaxForums username at the bottom of the page, and then send a PM to Adam.

Best Regards,

The PentaxForums.com Staff"

Actually, this is most funny and somehow ridiculous thing I have seen at the Pentaxians' internet community these years! :-o I bet Adam (the site owner of the PentaxForums) must have been making really good money in running his current business! .. So that he could not resist to expand his "empire" to the Canon and Nikon lands!

And, Canikonians in a forum? I'm almost sure that he just wants more fights, so that these will generate more traffic to his new site which means that he can become an even richer man in the near future!

Well, I feel really disgusted, very honestly speaking! >:-( It is because Adam has been telling us that Pentax is the (only) brand he loves and he was so passionate in the brand such that he built a dedicated Pentax forum and website! (It might be, but it is just too questionable now, I have to say!) Nevertheless, in fact, there are always alternatives in this world! If for whatever reason you just don't like the PentaxForums (or any other(s)), there are always other choices, although these maybe minorities for the time being. The current two discussion groups that I will still participate in are:-

Pentax K-x Flickr Group (Just joined!)

RiceHigh's Pentax FREE Discussion Group (And of course! It was built by me!)

P.S. I think I must have been rather stupid and irrational to advertise for Adam and his profit-making websites here (with all the original links included, too)! But, I simply just can't help myself!! :-(((