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Thursday, March 11, 2010

645D Samples at Pentax Japanese Website

Well, it says that it is under construction, but particular clever Pentaxians did have discovered their existence and links!

There are eight downsized photos, in 1743 x 1306 pixels only, uploaded at the following links:-

http://www.camera-pentax.jp/645d/photo/0X.jpg, where X = 1 to 8

There is no EXIF data of any contained in the downsized photos, though.

I have linked directly to the original "large" pictures with my above thumbnails, just click on any of the thumbnails above will download the larger image, a new tab/window will be opened.

For the samples, I've found that the resolution and dynamic range are good, the 3d feel is superb! But however, I am totally not impressed with the colour response and skin tone(s) as shown, which is just not my cup of tea anyway! :-(