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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Summer End Camera Group Tests

1. See this belated group test amongst those tough DCs namely the Fuji XP30, Olympus TG810, Panasonic DMC-TS3, Pentax WG-1 GPS, Ricoh PX and Sony TX10, by the DPR:-


2. The ePhotozine has carried out a group test and shootout amongst the Olympus EP-3 vs Panasonic GF3 vs Samsung NX11 vs Sony NEX-5:-


Some of the results might be interesting enough as the tests were carried out side-by-side and the test shots were made at nearly the same time. Those real-world shots are especially worth for some look, as they could represent real-life performance.


DC Watch Tough DC Shootout: TG-810 Vs EX-G1 Vs DSC-TX10 Vs DMC-FT3 Vs FinePix XP30 Vs Optio WG-1 GPS