Saturday, September 10, 2011

ISO Measurbation: Q Vs K-r Vs K-x Vs K-m (Full Size Originals)

New Q ISO test:-

By Devorama, on the same target and under the same lighting condition as the previous ISO tests of his on the K-r, K-x and the K-m. And yes, this guy seems to be a die-hard Pentax supporter, he bought every Pentax new (entry) model at the very first time (and actually I also bought the K-r, K-x and K-m, but not (yet?) the Q).

Below are my previous reports on his other ISO tests, you can open other samples of the other Pentax DSLR bodies to compare and measurable endlessly:-

Nevertheless, do note about the brief remark on the DR and exposure accuracy/latitude of the Q by the tester, quoted:-

"Some JPGs show highlight clipping even though the camera did not indicate this would happen. Perhapds the RAW file would not have clipped."

It seems that that highlight clipping problem, which is common for those small sensor DCs, also occurs for the Q.

Besides, speaking of the Q first test, Ned Bunnell, the Pentax USA President, has posted his first impressions and several lots of sample pictures at his now not-so-regularly updated blog, see:-

Take a look, the samples are not bad, but as Ned has honestly remarked, he is biased and has a stance (obviously). But actually I believe that he knows well how to use gear, and get most out of it. And he is humble enough not to tell the world about his talent of this! :-)

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