Monday, December 12, 2011

Latest Pentax Rumour: New 24MP Full Frame DSLR and APS-C ILDC are Coming!


Do note that the OP, Mr. Peter Fang, does have some some kind of closer contact with a dealer whom is yet close to the official insider source of the Pentax China. So, whilst this rumour seems to be somehow "unbelievable", I do regard the reliability and "trustability" of it should be higher than what an average Joe imagined oneself and then told us! A successful previous example is that Peter was the first Pentaxian who did and published a K-7 hands-on report one day before the official product announcement of the K-7 (which was on May 20, 2009), immediately after the unofficial product announcement by me at my this Blog here! ;-D

So, with the discontinuation of K-r and possibly also of the K-5 very soon, let's open our eyes to watch out what "big" stuff Ricoh will give us hungry and eager Pentaxians! :-o

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