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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Bits and Pieces 12-19 (Pentax Related or Not)

1. First of all, here comes the new patent of Nikon's "silicon film", i.e., a digital back for old analogue film cameras, but which is yet a vapourised ware that has never come true, since it was first announced back to 1999.

(Above: An imagined diagram by Xjrumo - A Chinese Camera Gear Blog.)

2. Instagram's New Terms of Service - Five Things that You Need to Know!


My suggestion is NOT to upload photos to Instagram unless you are willing to LOSE the ownership of your photos! >:-|

Btw, I don't know if Facebook will change to a similar new set of terms shortly. By that time if that happens, I am afraid that we have to delete our facebook accounts so as to save our copyrights! :-o

3. Sigma has market a new 18-250 in K-mount with HSM and OS built-in:-

(in Japanese)

And the specifications of the new product:-


4. An old YouTube demo on the sturdiness of the Pentax SP coating and how easy it can be cleaned:-


Well, whilst I do agree that the SP is easy to clean and it is very sturdy, I found that it is also a bit more shiny when it is compared to traditional SMC coatings on the front glasses. Thus, more light could be lost and it should be a trade-off after all. :-(