Thursday, December 20, 2012

Official! Full Frame Pentax System is Coming!! (Latest Interview with Pentax Ricoh Head)

First of all, see this latest interview report by the Japanese Impress magazine online:-

Via Digicame Info (in Japanese) Via Pentax Fan Club Forum (Taiwan, in Chinese).

The Head of Product Development of Pentax Ricoh, who was first employed by the Asahi Optical Company back to 1978, is interviewed. It is told that a new set of 35mm full frame specifications is being formulated and that new moire removal algorithms are being developed as new in-camera function (which the K-5IIs doesn't have). Besides, a Ricoh brand new camera will come. As for the other PR unrelated stuff, I think the most interesting thing is that Foveon is making a new full frame sensor, as well as a monochrome one.

Good news after all! I am almost sure that I will buy one when it arrives! Keep it up, PR!


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