Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Pentax K-5+DA15 Vs Sigma DP1X Head-to-head Field Comparisons (Full Size Images)

The Bayer Vs X3 Fight begins! @ the Xitek Forum Post Here (in Simplified Chinese).

Set 1: Pentax Sigma (Click to Enlarge; Warning: Original Files in Large Size!)

Set 2: Pentax Sigma

Set 3: Pentax Sigma

Set 4: Pentax Sigma 1 Sigma 2

After all, the pixel sharpness of the DP1X pictures is impressive. And I do somehow prefer the colour rendition of the Sigma, too, which looks more natural for the sunlight whilst the K-5 pics are way too cool (blueish). The K-5 picture in the Test Set 2 was way underexposed, also.

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