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Thursday, July 04, 2013

New K-01 Schtroumpf! What the Fuck?!

See this at the Japanese homepage of "Pentax" for the current products today. A new body is announced and it is to be marketed on July 25, 2013! So, what is it? It is yet the already officially discontinued K-01 but repainted?!

Besides, browse further into the product page of the current accessories for Pentax DSLRs, it is found that the AF360FTZ flash is still there! Well, wasn't the AF360FGZ II announced half a year ago? Yes, it was a long time ago already!


(Above: The Twelve Years Old AF360 FGZ Vs the "New" Paperware AF360FGZ II.)

So, I just want to ask again: WTFFFFF?!! What is Ricoh doing now? They are just unable to make a product real and put it onto the market since it was first announced six months ago and the delay is expected to be longer! And, a discontinued product can be re-marketed by adding new painting and colours onto it? Just?! Are you kidding, Ricoh? You are just a clown, I am afraid! >:-[

Btw, some Pentax fanboys could celebrate the re-born of the K-01! But I am sure that I am not the one with you!!