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Saturday, December 21, 2013

The FA20-35 is Discontinued Finally! :-(


Pentax has kept this Full Frame FA lens in production for years , why Ricoh discontinues it now? To reserve room for the sales of that mediocre DA20-40 cropped lens? Or the FF K-mount is to be aborted and a new mount of Ricoh is to be made?? >:-(

Update (12-22):

Since a few brand (Pentax or Ricoh??) fanboys who have been hanged around here insisted that the old FA20-35 was discontinued decade ago and have not been in production for long, I feel obliged to provide some evidence to prove they are yet wrong once again! Here it is:


So, just about one year ago, the FA20-35/4 was still alive. In fact, after the official web domain name was changed to Ricoh.co, the lens was still listed there for months. The FA20-35 has only been discontinued quite recently, that is the fact! However, owing to the low hit rate of the new Ricoh web domain, it was not archived by the "WayBack Machine" robot anyway. Possibly, the fanboys will change their poor argument (as always) to "recent months" instead, which is really pathetic afterall! So, please don't make such even more silly noise if they still wish to do so! >:-o