Monday, January 09, 2012

Budapest, Capital City of Hungary

Had a short trip to Budapest, the Capital of Hungary, for only 3 days during Christmas and would like to share some of the photos taken in the trip.

Budapest is actually comprised of two parts: At the Western side of the Danube River, it's the Buda, where contains more historic buildings and is the older downtown. At the opposite/Eastern side of the River, it's the Pest, the commercial and political centre and it's the downtown with newer facilities (of course there are also many historic buildings at the Pest).

Places visited, in roughly the same order I went there, including Váci utca(street), Danube River, Chain Bridge, Fisherman's Bastion, Matyas Church, Royal Castle/Palace, Hungarian Parliament Building, Great Market Hall, St Stephen's Basilica, Hero Square and Szechenyi Thermal Bath. Some of the historic sites and buildings are really old enough, e.g., for over five hundred years.

Supposingly, Budapest should be quite nice a place to visit for sight-seeing and picture-taking. But however, the weather in Winter times are usually cloudy and misty, and with some random light rains, too. And at around zero degree throughout the day, it is somehow cold. Things could get worse with the winds, which is not rare. Still, I think it is yet a nice place to visit and maybe in Summers it will be better. Goods and services are not too expensive and people are in general quite nice. Foods are somehow delicious. As for the spoken language for communications, most of the younger people could understand and speak English acceptably and at hotels and major shopping venues and restaurants etc., there should be little problems..

Camera gear used was my K-r with a DA 16-45 lens put on it, for most of the times. In rare occasions, I changed my lens to a DA 70 Limited but actually it was not essentially required, particularly for the type of scenery shooting and for those record-purpose shots.

After all, below is the full album. Or, you'd better first view the Slideshow Here.

Enjoy! (And please just don't blame me for the crappy snapshots of mine! ;->)

P.S. I did take some random videos with my K-r on the trip, but I've been just too lazy to put it neither up to my YouTube nor Photobucket accounts!~

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