Thursday, January 12, 2012

K-5 New Firmware V1.12 is Up

Changes to V1.12
  • Corrected --- When O-GPS1 is mounted on the K-5 and taking a picture of starry sky with long exposure tracing by ASTROTRACER function, a band of light green noise rarely occur on image depending on photographic condition.
  • *Contents of [Version 1.11] will be also updated.

So, once again, the last "error" and "mistake" (for what I reported at the end of last year) is actually true. Sometimes, I just really scratch my head hard for what to defend about by those Pentax fanboys and why they needed to do so everytime! :-o

And now, it is clear that the K-r has already completely been abandoned and the support by Pentax for the model has ended. If this O-GPS1 bug exists when it is attached to a K-5, K-r should suffer from the same problem as the astrotracer algorithm(s) used should be the *same* for *both* cameras for what it is embedded in the last firmware revision of the 1.11.

But after all, what I feel disgusted about the case is that the O-GPS1 supports only two K-mount DSLR models, i.e., the K-5 and K-r, why Pentax Ricoh should suddenly drop the support to the K-r? If I am a K-r user who has purchased this expensive GPS unit, I am really much pissed off, undoubtedly! >:-[

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