Thursday, January 12, 2012

CES Live Show Reports at Dpreview

There is no "stand report" for Pentax Ricoh so far at the DPR, but if you are interested in the latest photographic products news of the other manufacturers and brands, click the DPR link below. I think the stand reports are nicely compiled:-

It should be noted that the old PMA has been over and now the CES is the old PMA, as combined. So, when some Pentax "supporters" are arguing that the CES show is "unimportant", just think about if the PMA was important or not. Btw, the following is quoted from the introductory post at the front page of the DPR:-

"This year's CES is the most significant yet for the photo industry (since what remains of the old PMA show is now part of CES), and we've already seen some major announcements from camera manufacturers. As usual we will be providing frequent and detailed coverage of product announcements at CES as well as a live 'from the show floor' report."

Nonetheless, I am still waiting for the stand and live show report for Pentax Ricoh by the DPR. But it seems that they are not really interested. But it could be a chicken-n-egg problem after all - If/When there is nothing interesting to report at the booth, why should they bother? >:-o

Last Story:-

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