Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Hearsay and Rumour: K-5 Has Been Discontinued (Also! :-o)

(Japanese Excite English Translation Here)

This is quoted from a shop who claimed to learn from a Pentax staff. And yes, K-5 has been discontinued and it will still be available until the existing stocks run out.

Some people would then deny this rumour straight-forwardly by the logic that "There is not yet any replacement model announced that will come!" But the same thing did already happen for the K-r. So, it is actually possible!

But, if it is true, WHAT body now yet stays in the current Pentax K DSLR *lineup*? So, will there be only lenses under the *system*?! :-o

For these days, I just wonder what Ricoh are doing on Pentax, really.. >:-(


K-5 Replacement Coming? (Continued)

K-5 Replacement Coming?

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