Saturday, January 07, 2012

K-5 and K-r Debug Mode Unleashed, Finally!

Finally, someone did it! :-o Here it is, we should thank Tomasz, especially for all those K-5 and K-r users!

It is said that now Debug mode of *any* Pentax DSLR can be activated, including K-5, as this is re-confirmed by Tomasz in his reply in the comments section of his post, i.e., K-5 is fully tested.

So, go get the software and try it yourself. Enjoy! :-)

P.S. The Mac version of the software has not been successfully built yet, as told.

P.S. 2 As for other older Pentax DSLR models, the Debug mode menu can be opened in-camera: Method Here and Full Tutorial Here.

Update (1-9): Go onto the Next Part:-

Successfully Open the Debug Mode of My K-r! :-)

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