Thursday, January 12, 2012

Poll: Will You Buy the K-5 Right Now?

The K-5 seems to have been discontinued and there have been various signs of Ricoh is planning to abort the DSLR lineup. E.g., both K-r and K-5 have been discontinued with low profile but no replacement model of any is given. Moreover, there has not even any plan or just a roadmap disclosed. Plus, the new Ricoh chief said in a recent interview that the mirror and all the mechanical parts are just evils which cause many problems and he does tend towards to make mirrorless instead of reflex, even for the FF and 645D, for what is being serious considered! :-o

Now, I understand why the new Pentax Ricoh head said that the PR planned to make every upcoming Pentax camera to be 100% coverage for the view-finding, even for entry level models. I have been really stupid enough for not being able to interpret the clear message that was contained and brought out. Well, if all the cameras will be mirrorless and they can only offer LiveView, will the viewfinding coverage be smaller than the full 100%?! :-o

Now for us old Pentax K-mount reflex users, at just the "low" price of $1000, would you opt to grab maybe the last Pentax DSLR body ("flagship" or not!) right now? And here is the poll. Of course, if you are already a K-5 owner, this poll may not be too meaningful to your true case. But still, you are welcome to opt! Okay, let's go! :-)

Facing the Current Situation, Will You Grab the K-5 Remaining Stock at About $1,000 Now?
Yes, I shall hurry up!
No, I shall continue to use my existing Pentax gear and speculate!
No, I am planning to switch and jump ship without further waiting!! free polls

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