Wednesday, January 11, 2012

CES Pentax News and One Rumour

First, we should look at this. It is a meeting room hired by Pentax at the CES2012:-

It is a small room with closed door and next to the toilets, via DPR post here. When I first looked at the picture, I was nearly mistaken that Pentax had hired oneof the toilets! :-o

As for the Pentax booth, there is no picture posted, but it is described as follows:-

" I found out the pic above IS a Pentax meeting room (Very bad location btw!) But they do have a real booth in hall D. Still the Booth is tiny, barely bigger than 3rd party small time makers such as BlackRapid, Bowen and "Noritsu" "

Update: Thanks to Blog reader ERR, we have a picture of the sad little Pentax Ricoh booth:-

Btw, for what I've learnt so far, there is no particular new product of any on show at the Pentax booth, but there is a rumour though. See this:-

via DPR forum post here.

This is actually a pure text rumour that I would classify, i.e., everyone could create and say something like this! >:-(

The doubt is: IF it is true, why not take a photo of it, as it is just a public show and exhibition after all! :-o

Well, even what is talked is true, I am really want a viewfinder for the K-mount mirrorless (if any!)! No matter it is electronic or optical..

But with all the recent "extraordinary" marketing and really poor PR of the Pentax Ricoh (examples are about the discontinuation of the K-r (and possibly also the K-5) without any replacement announced!), I am really starting to much worry and doubt about the future of the Pentax brand and particularly about the survival of the Pentax SLR system in K-mount! >:-(

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