Sunday, January 08, 2012

Successfully Open the Debug Mode of My K-r! :-)

With the newly released PK Tether 0.6 software, I have successfully opened the debug mode of my K-r, in only 2 painless steps! My hats off to Tomasz, the software author!

1. Connect the USB and turn on the camera;

2. Run the software (which requires no installation at all - Nice!) and just click the "Camera debug mode On" button at the lower right hand side. That's it and it is done! :-D

As Usual, the Debug menu for the AF adjustment is located between the Setup menu Tab 4 and the Custom menu Tab 1:-

Here it is and looks. The New Tab is called the "Test Mode":-

Go to the item "AF Test" and here we go:-

Do the adjustment as it was with any previous Pentax DSLRs, everything is actually the same.

When it is done, remember to disable and leave the debug mode. You can now do it in-camera as there is a menu item for that (look back the above):-

I have not done any AF adjustment as my K-r is accurate by itself by all means - but only under Daylight, but not Tungsten. So, the Debug is not going to be of help anyway! So, again, Pentax must be "bashed" and it's all their own fault!! >:-(

Last but not least, other functions of the PK Tether works like a charm with my K-r and I have not encountered any problem. But anyway if you do find some software issues when you use it, I do encourage you to report it to the author so that he could investigate and make further debug and improvement in due course.

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