Thursday, January 05, 2012

The New Nikon D4, 16.2MP, 10 fps, $6000

It finally surfaces! Whilst the 16.2MP Pentax K-5 has come to an end (as it seems to be!), the new Nikon D4 flagship also has the same pixel count but it is a full frame and it has much more features and is going to be ever strongest for a DSLR!

via Nikon Rumors Here and Here.

Btw, it is always sad and feel hurt to hear such "exciting" news of the other brands as an old Pentaxian like me who has been urging Pentax for a Full Frame DSLR for almost a decade but We are still getting *nothing*! Even now whether the DSLR line and K mount can be retained or not is uncertain! OMG!! >:-[

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