Saturday, October 01, 2011

Hotax Has NOW Been Rictax! ;-D

The Hotax Days have been Over, it's the Rictax from NOW on! :-o

To celebrate the day, my Blog name has also been renamed, momentarily!

Do note the changed title above, now it is called "Riceh's Pentax Blog", for the moment! Well, doesn't it look alike?! Well, it is NOT a Typo, surely! ;-D Lol..

Finally, do you see all those Full Frame cameras of Pentax and Ricoh in the beside picture? How a bright future it will be! ;-> Btw, FF-9D could actually stand for Full Frame Nine Digital! What an accurate Prophecy about the future more than twenty years ago!! :-o

As for that 35mm Full Frame Hotax underwater camera, I have recently downgraded to a 1/2.3" one, one of the last Hoya-Pentax manufactured cameras btw, see the label below:-


The World First / Pentax First: My (Obsolete) Pentax Collection

Just for Some Funs - Hotax

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